1st to market

GT Exhausts at present supplies a range of 32,500+ different exhaust applications and pride themselves being 1st to market adding up to 40 new part no's each month working very closely with franchise dealers to establish the parts failing first.


GT use fully aluminised steel and tube throughout the exhaust system, ensuring all pipes from 44.45mm up to 76.20mm are mandrel bent, this in turn ensures the diameter of pipes are not being reduced, restricting the gas flow and increasing fuel consumption.


We have state of the art measuring equipment to verify complex products, meet customer specifications. We can provide detailed measurement reports upon request.


GT only use top quality inner braided flexi's with chinn or mesh flex, on the increasing range of vehicles needing more flexibility on the exhaust, along with an interlocking flexi on cats and DPF to comply with the higher KW HP and EU 2-3-4-5 and 6 emissions.

Limited Welds

GT silencer boxes are assembled with limited welds to avoid corrosion. We have unique design features inside our silencers to minimise the need for welding, thus reducing cost and improving durability.

Greener & Cleaner

The internal is designed to give free gas flow, less back pressure and better noise levels. Leaving the end user with a greener, cleaner product.

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NI: 028 9023 0555 | ROI: 048 6632 6632 | UK: 01922 745800